Life challenges turned me into a mountain climber and guide. I had to pay for rent and food on my own after I finished my secondary education. After seeing most of my friends being successful in life as mountain guides and supporting their families, I asked them to show me how. It was required that someone knew my history and that I was in good health. Mount Kilimanjaro has five routes leading to the summit: Lemosho, Marangu, Umbwe, Rongai, and Marangu. My first route was Lemosho, and it was nine days of a climbing safari. On the first, second, and third days, it was easy for me. But after that, it was getting more challenging as my body was not used to such climate zones. Headaches, loss of energy, and so on, but I picked up courage and said if my colleagues can, I can. They also encouraged me to go on to the end, but they said if things got worse, I could go back down. I told them I would make it to the end. The most challenging day was day seven from Arrow Glaciers camp (4871m) to Crater Camp. We started at 5 am. It was quite cold and windy. My hands were freezing as I had no necessary climbing gear. I did not give up. My friends were encouraging me all the way. I had only two more days to finish. On the 8th and 9th day, it was downhill but challenging because it was fast. We completed the safari and arrived home safely, but I lost my toenails as I had the wrong mountain climbing shoes. After recovery, my friends sent a favorable recommendation to the company, and I was called for work. I worked with the company for three years as a porter, then I went for further training as a mountain guide and got my guiding license. I dreamed of having my own safari company, which could help young people find jobs and support their families. Today that dream came true. I own Kilimanjaro Explorers, a mountain guide company. The first day as a mountain guide, I had three clients, and they all made it to the summit and back safely. It was my happiest moment. So, I advise new guides now that you will face some temporary pains for the first time, but you destroy your dream if you quit. At the moment, I have 19 years of experience as a mountain guide.

My goal is to climb some of the Colorado 14ers! I’d really like to climb your highest peak, Mt. Elbert.