I climbed the 9,642 Foot Going to the Sun Mountain in Glacier Park when I was 19. A young man named Paul invited me to climb it with him. He led me up the 4000 feet elevation gain on that dreadful crumbly rock where you climb 2 feet and slide back 1 foot. I don’t know about him, but I was also painfully aware that Grizzly bears were out there somewhere as we passed the tree line. Standing on the summit was a “Peak” experience. That breathtaking view of snowclad mountains is what I go to when the Meditation Teacher says, “find your peaceful place.” If your name is Paul, and worked at Glacier Park Lodge in 1969, I don’t believe I thanked you enough. I figured that was my first and last mountain until 45 years later when I met another young man named Larry Jones in Colorado. He didn’t think my being 65 and having lived at 200 feet above sea level for several years as an excuse not to climb a 14er. As we headed up Handies in the dawn’s early light, I had plenty of time to contemplate the thought that perhaps I was too old to be still trying to impress “boys.” Larry had been training me all spring, patiently leading me up trails, gradually acclimating me to higher and higher altitudes. The climb was worth it—another glorious view. Maybe 65 isn’t that old after all? He took me up Uncompahgre the next month. We were on a roll. But then I broke an ankle on a raft trip and sat out the next hiking season. Larry kept hiking with Hansel, the dog. We tried Quandary the next year. I wasn’t in shape, or I ate the wrong breakfast because I only made it ¾ of the way then got altitude sickness. I finally sat down and realized I didn’t have to get up again if I didn’t want to. Hansel and Larry carried on. I expected them to. Hansel and Larry love a challenge, but I did feel bad when the New Jersey couple carrying their small dog because they couldn’t leave him in their hot camper also carried on – seriously, New Jersey! Oh well. I’m still very pleased that I climbed 2 ¾ ‘s 14ers and very pleased that Larry insisted I try and I still love hiking in Colorado, only maybe not straight up to anymore.